Friday, July 8, 2011


Can you say, Fierceeeee! This woman exudes so much style and confidence!!!! She is def an embodiment of what an AA Chick is....Unique, free-spirited, and Unafraid to be YOU!!!!

After she cut her hair in 2009, she showed the world her confidence, self expression, and nature. This was a big turn around for her and we appreciated it!!!

Solange is always wearing bold prints and colors. Her look flows so effortlessly. She will look fabulous and stylish in our clothing and accessories.

Also, Her 70's inspired looks are always a pleasure to look at:

Did we also mention that we love her music....Great artist!!!! Looking forward to hearing some new tracks from her and attending events where she DJ's. Such an entrepreneurial artist!
Being a fan of ours for a while now, we pay homage. Hail to the

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